Let’s talk about stories, the all-important narratives that help us make sense of everything that we do, and everything that we are. And yet, we underplay its importance and think of stories as mere entertaining episodes that we read in the books, or watch in the movies, completely forgetting that stories are much, much more […]

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#teenspeak Dear parents, we want you to know that… * Times have changed: You keep telling us about what you did when you were our age, but everything is so different now. We just can’t relate to that. So, please don’t expect us to behave the way you did at our age. We have to […]

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We had the opportunity to collaborate with artist, Ziyue Chen, and we loved her work. She is an inspiration and we believe that stories of inspiration should be shared. We wrote about her too. We hope that parents with children who are differently abled will be able to find courage, hope and reassurance in this story full of colours. Read the article here

Once in a while, you find inspirations when you least expect them. These little stories remind you that life is full of possibilities. All you need to do is notice. I have always been fascinated by people who express through words, colours and artistic forms. Their stories, if inspirational, have that additional beauty, which the […]

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