Breaking Barriers Through Workshops & Conferences

Usually workshops and conferences conjure up images of dialogues and learnings, but these can also serve as wonderful avenues of breaking down barriers. Last month, we immersed ourselves in two different projects, one was a conference that broke down geographical barriers to bring investors closer, and the other was a workshop that broke down the age barrier to jointly innovate for a better world.


The World Opportunities Forum brought together ambassadors from 18 countries to talk about opportunities on a single platform. The event was organised by our long time client, Sun Media. As consultant, we were involved in various areas of conference design, conference management and speaker management.

Here are few of the event coverages

Kazakhstan Embassy

Connected to India

Argentina Embassy



The Empactathon was an intergenerational design thinking workshop that brought children (school students) and adults (volunteers from Salesforce) together, to initiate conversations for a better world. We co-facilaitated this workshop for Design for Change (DFC), Singapore, an organisation that we have had long association with.

Read more about Empactathon here


We look forward to many more such opportunities of breaking down barriers.

It’s all about Self-belief!

How to do Amazing Things?

  1. Discover who you are:

And we mean discover who you really are. It’s not what your parents told you to be or your society expected you to be or even what your career forces you to be.

2) Embrace this unique ‘you’:

Be comfortable with yourself. Embrace your strengths, accept your weaknesses and show-off your quirks!

3) Find different ways to showcase yourself:

Express yourself through words, ideas, projects, emotions and connections… The possibilities are endless.

4) Believe that you can do amazing things:

Self- fulfilling prophecies are real and proven.

We know that people can do amazing things when they believe they can. Trust us, we have seen this happen again and again and again! We believe in you.

What do we do?

We helps kids, teens & adults discover their best selves (& their self-worth) through our workshops, talks and mentoring sessions.

How do we do that?

We dip heavily in to Positive Psychology & creativity (Drama techniques, storytelling tools & Design Thinking).

What’s on offer?

Speech & Drama (Juniors)
Creativity, Communication & Problem Solving (Adults)
Self-Development & Self-Discovery (Adults)
Individual Mentoring Sessions(Kids/ adults)

How to reach us?

sequelsingapore@gmail/com/ 98562830

Self-belief Sequel


New Series: Education Special

If there’s a need for constant conversation on any topic, then the topic has to be, education. We are glad to be part of a new series on Education. Presenting a brief look at how technology is impacting education.

Technology and Education

Children these days are learning very differently to their parents, and technology is one of the biggest reasons. To understand this change, parents need to know not just how technology has changed learning methods, but also how this change impacts their children’s educational experience. Here’s a brief look at the technological impact and our students’ perspective of technology.

It’s a known fact that technology affects the way we live, work, play, and learn. Therefore, its entry into the classrooms should come as no surprise. Technology has changed the way knowledge is gathered and shared, resulting in a positive impact on education.

It also means that children are now learning differently to their parents. Often parents miss this point and get anxious when they see their children following different methods of learning than what they themselves had engaged in (as long as they are in line with accepted modes/methods by curriculum boards). However, the fact is that learning methods and expected outcomes have changed in the last few years. Technology has enabled this change, and as more schools integrate technology into their classrooms, the technological impact on education is here to stay.

How Exactly has Technology Transformed Learning?

* Use of Online Resources: Ask a kid a question, and more often than not, he or she will look to google for the answer. The online resources these days dispense information freely and easily, changing the way kids learn. So, learning doesn’t stop when the teacher does. Instead, technology ensures that learning continues, whether at home, when on the move, with parents, and even with friends.

* The increase in the use of Multimedia: Addition of illustration, animation and 3D models to the plain text have made learning a lot more interesting, interactive and in-depth.

* E-books : E-books have reduced the hassle of physically carrying books. They have also made learning a  less expensive as well as sustainable to the environment.

* Sharing Information: Sharing information has become the norm. Students share knowledge easily, and this has also changed the way learning takes place. Group projects have become more common and easier to execute and enhances social skills in students
* Accessibility and ease: Education has become more accessible due to technology. It has also made teaching easy through various tools and resources available to the teachers.

How does this Impact Children?

* Your child’s education becomes more individualised and personalised.

* Thanks to online resources, not only does your child know more than perhaps you did at this the same age, but your child is also better equipped to step into a working world, surrounded by technology.
* Technology empowers teachers. It assists the teachers not just to teach, but also to track students’ progress, and to communicate with parents better.

* Technology pushes for independent learning. Though the teacher’s role is not diminished (in fact, it becomes more important), technology equips students to take charge of their own learning process.

(This is an excerpt of a piece that was written for GIG International School)