We offer customised workshops for kids and adults. Contact us for workshops on communications, Creative Problem Solving, Speech & Drama, Self- Esteem etc.  Enquiries

For Juniors 

We welcome you to Sequel Workshops for the juniors! Sequel relies on creativity and empathy to bring out the best in each individual. Taught by ex- Julia Gabriel teacher, our Speech & Drama workshops believe in building a child’s self-esteem before embarking on any other learning journey. Materials are provided in the class and you will receive a brief updates from us. Our workshops are at different locations. Contact us to know more.

Speech & Drama main Poster

For Teens & Adults 

Creative Problem Solving & Self-Development Workshops

School Assemblies & Talks


Ongoing Sessions for Adults

A bite-sized workshop to explore your life story & get clarity. Based on proven methodologies, the facilitators will guide you towards attaining your “best self”.

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High Res posterWhat to expect?

  • Understand your current situtation and journey towards a better you.
  • Join the community that supports and inspires each other to reach dreams and goals.
  • Find positivity, happiness and purpose.

If you already have a small group of people, let us know, and we will come over to you for a special session. Contact:

Know your Trainer

Your Trainer is trained at Julia Gabriel Centre of Learning (Speech & Drama), Trinity Guildhall (Speech Communication Arts), SUSS (English & Psychology), Symbiosis Institute of Management (Advertising & PR) and others. She also has certifications in Art Therapy & Narrative Therapy and is a registered volunteer-mentor for kids/ teens- at risk with Ministry of Social & Family Development.



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