We design & conduct workshops that link creativity to wellbeing.

How do we do that?

According to Psychologists, every individual can reach his or her full potential through enhanced wellbeing and creativity. So, we have relied on our years of experience and expertise to link concepts from Positive Psychology to creativity (Drama techniques, storytelling tools & Design Thinking) to create simple & effective feel-good workshops. Enquiries

We currently have workshops for juniors, teens and adults. We also customise and conduct corporate workshops. Email us at

For Juniors

Speech & Drama: Each term includes 10 sessions of 1 hour each. Speech & Drama main Poster

Taught by ex- Ju Gabriel teacher, our Speech & Drama workshops believe in building a child’s self-esteem before embarking on any other learning journey. Materials are provided in the class and parents get regular updates on what’s done in the class. The workshops are for the age-groups, 7-9 and 9-12 years. Contact us to know more.

School Assemblies & Talks


For Teens & Adults 

  1. Creative Communication & Problem Solving Workshops (SPARK!)
  2. Individual Mentoring Sessions.
Creative Problem Solving & Self-Development Workshops

3) Empowered (Wellbeing Workshops)

Customised workshop on wellbeing, self-esteem and empowerment. Contact us to know more.

4) Story of Me: Group Coaching & Mentoring

A bite-sized workshop to explore your life story & get clarity. Based on proven group coaching methodologies, the facilitators will guide you towards attaining your “best self”.

Join our community page on Empowering The Self FB page here


If you already have a small group of people, let us know, and we will come over to you for a special session. Contact:



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