Mentoring & Safe Space

Individual Mentoring Sessions: What do we do?

We offer an informal safe space that’s non judgemental and confidential. This safe space is available to kids, teens, and adults dealing with anxiety, stress, bullying, or low self-esteem. We help families to bridge gaps, and sometimes, all that we do is provide a listening ear. Book your session.


Individual sessions: We recommend 3-5 sessions. This varies according to individual needs.

Group Sessions: We provide self-help sessions in small groups.

Long distance sessions over Skype

Do write in to to know more.

mentoring session

About the Mentor: Prionka Ray

Prionka has mentored kids/ teens-at-risk since 2012, and is involved in various community programmes for the young.  A TED Ed speaker, and Founding Director of Sequel, she has delivered talks and conducted workshops addressing self-esteem and communication, in Singapore, Hong Kong and India. She is also the founder of In-Group, Support Group for Youth and a Volunteer-Mentor to teens-at-risk with the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), Singapore. Her educational qualifications are in the areas of Psychology, English, Speech & Drama, Design Thinking, Speech Communication Arts and Advertising & PR. An awardee of the Long Service Teen Mentor Award from MSF, Prionka believes in the power of positive communication.

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Sequel Communications (Singapore)

Sequel Communications (Singapore) believes in transforming thoughts and storylines through empathy and creativity. We provide communication consultancy, writing services, workshops & mentoring sessions.

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