Taming the Chaos

Starting is always chaotic. There are the rambunctious ideas, the stray thoughts, the millions of directions these thoughts could travel to, and the infinite ways of moving forward. They all buzz together, excited at the possibilities. That’s the beginning of any project, any creation, and any story.


Then comes the process of taming these ideas, reigning in the stray thoughts and disciplining the words. However, taming comes at a cost. The cost is sometimes in the form of creative sacrifice. And if that happens then the story might as well end right there, because without the fluidity of ideas, there can be no satisfaction in creating.

Therein begins the fine art of balancing the two. The wild ideas rebel and the disciplined logic analyses them. The chaos continues, giving rise to possibilities and then falls in to place, somehow. It’ then that the mad rush slows in to a benevolent trickle. The symphony begins at that time and the chaos is tamed.


In each form of creativity, the process remains the same. Whether I am designing a workshop, writing a story, analysing a message or joining the dots of fragmented voices in my mentoring sessions, I have always gone through the same process of generating ideas, struggling with the chaos, and eventually taming them to their simplest form. The simplest form is simply a narrative that falls in to place, and when it does, it’s a traquility. It’s magic.


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