Sequel is a communication consultancy based in Singapore.
Sequel means an after-story, and in this context, it’s the story that one is empowered to alter. We, at Sequel, ensure that we understand the back story before we get to work on the next narrative. Whether it’s in our workshops, our writings, the projects we manage, or the conversations we have with the kids/ teens we mentor, we keep in mind, different perspectives, and are cognizant of the context.
Our methodology relies on positive psychology and creativity to transform storylines.

Services offered by Sequel 

Communication Consultancy: If you need ideas on how to tell your story to your audience, get in touch. Whether it is a consistent long-term communication or a one-off campaign, we can guide you to maintain your storyline. Our customers include artists, social enterprise, event company, fashion house etc. We conceptualise and manage CSR, community, and educational projects as well.  Enquiries

Writing Services: Contact us for publications, newsletters, content writing, and creative writing.

* Customised Talks & Workshops:  We design workshops according to your needs. Our workshops are on communication, creative problem solving, speech & drama, empathy, self-esteem etc. Enquiries

Mentoring Sessions: Our One-to-one/ group confidential session(s) focus on providing an informal safe space to kids, teens & adults. We address low self-esteem, stress, lack of motivation, bullying etc. We also help families bridge communication gap. Book your session

 Read our blog for updates and latest happenings at Sequel

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