We specialise in creative communication & training.


Our experience and insights are from the fields of communications, drama (as a facilitation tool), Speech Communication Arts, Creative Problem Solving, Positive Psychology & Psychotherapy.


We have written for multiple publications, in both B2B and B2C segments across multiple platforms, and we specialise in celebrity interviews and in contents related to human-centred stories. (We have a fiction novel under our belt as well.)

Self Development

We conduct talks and workshops on self development for kids, teens and adults, focusing on Self-esteem, Self Awareness, Creative communication & Creative Problem Solving. We do individual mentoring and family mediation sessions as well. Our services and solutions are simple, practical and designed to create positive impact.


Services by sequel 

Writing Services  & Communication Consultancy

Strategy & content for publications, blogs, websites, newsletters etc.

Talks & Workshops

We design & conduct customised workshops for kids and adults. We design conferences and flow for clients as well.

Story of Me

Self Development & Coaching Programme Programme for Women

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring and mediation for families, teens & adults.

Effective Decision Making Process (Guided Creative Problem Solving sessions for decision makers and leaders)



Enquiries: sequelsingapore@gmail.com/ rayprionka@gmail.com
Story of Me Workshop: storyofmeworkshop@gmail.com
InGroup Support Group for Youth: ingrouphelp@gmail.com
(In- Group is a social Initiative by Sequel. It’s a collection of resource on the issues faced by teens and pre-teens)


(Registration: 53317890L)

The latest @ Sequel

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