Sequel is a communication consultancy and a boutique training and mentoring service provider. Sequel, the word means, ‘after-story,’ and suggests extension of an idea. And that’s what we do. We follow the design thinking process of idea expansion and create a storyline around all of our communication, concepts, writing services, workshop designs and mentoring sessions. We believe in the power of words, both written and spoken, and our methodology is based on Psychology & creativity.

Services by sequel 


Communication Consultancy  

Communication with internal and external customers 

 Writing Services 

Strategy & content for publications, blogs, websites, newsletters etc.

Talks & Workshops

 We design & conduct customised workshops for kids and adults.

Mentoring Sessions

 Mentoring for kids, teens & adults and Decision Making Sessions

Connect with us

(In- Group is a social Initiative by Sequel that addresses teen and pre-teen issues)

Sequel Blog






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