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 Sequel means an after-story, the extension of an idea, and a continuation of a thought. And that’s what we do. We create stories around brands, and sometimes around people. We look at the bigger picture, and we link small and big ideas. We take time to understand the back story before giving it a fresh perspective.  Whether it’s in our workshops, our writings, our concepts, or our conversations, we keep in mind, different perspectives, and we are cognizant of the context. If you wish to create something fresh, bright and positive, contact us. We believe in the power of words, both written and spoken, and here’s what we do with it. 


Services by sequel 

Communication Consultancy: We strategise campaigns, create brand stories, and assist in communicating with internal and external customers.

 Writing Services: We strategise and create contents for publications, blogs, websites, newsletters & everything else that deals with the written word.

Customised Talks & Workshops: We design & conduct workshops for kids and adults. Our workshops deal with creativity, communication and empathy.

Mentoring Sessions: We provide a safe space for kids, teens and adults, and address issues like low self-esteem, stress, lack of motivation, bullying etc.

 Read our blog for updates and latest happenings at Sequel


IN- Group, Support Group for Youth:

(In- Group is a social Initiative by Sequel that addresses teen and pre-teen issues)



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“I was apprehensive before I came to the workshop. I thought the others will have goals and ambitions, and I will have nothing to say. I have never worked. But during the workshop, I realised that I have prioritised everything else for far too long. It was time I brushed up my own dreams as well. I also realised that in order to prioritise myself, I don’t have to de-prioritise anyone/ anything else. This workshop was a beautiful experience for me.” (Participant, The Story of Me)


Prionka is efficient, meticulous, culturally sensitive and very adaptable. She delivers promptly and is a delightful team player. A joy to work with .

Noor Quek, Founder & CEO at NQ International Pte. Ltd.